Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's is NewYear..

Hello there looks like a new year, so im going to have to get busy with this hobby. So here goes.
  Im new as you can tell so it will be a rough start but we can work thru it im thinking.  Guess a quick run down of the coming year would be a place to start, well at least a run down of plans for the year.  I think at least putting em down to see what gets done and what dont is a good place to start.
 What i hope to get done this year,,,,,  well I hope to get busy with the you-tube stuff thats started, getting at lest one vid a week is a easy doable.  Also want to get my webpage more time, got it started well enough so I need to spend more time give it a day a week, yea that sounds good...   Got a couple commissions in the works need to done, that easy.. and this blog would be good to show a bit of them too so guess this will work out too..  theirs two cons I going to this year (Adept,and Gamesday) showing a bit of them here would be cool so there might be hope for a ol"Wolf getting some Blog time in too.

So guys have a Happy New Year stay safe and thanks for reading my rabble , I will rant on later its time to get ready for the Ball Drop in the New York..


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